Tim has been in the education field for nearly 20 years, from the classroom setting to the outdoors with experiential education, and has had students from the young to the young at heart.  Additionally, he has been clowning for more than 15 years, bringing smiles to boys and girls of ALL Ages.


Tim has performed around the country from Florida to New York, and all the way down to the Virgin Islands. His programs include Fire Prevention & Safety programs, Open Houses, Fairs & Festivals, Fund Raising  & Charitable Events, Corporate events, Church Events and Assemblies, Mission trips, Parades, and more.


Tim would have never thought when a fellow co-worker encouraged him to attend his initial clown training, that it would lead to so many rewarding events in his life.


Tim’s initial training was from a “Kello” (Walter Kelly Lee) Clowning program offered through the Florida State Fire College, where he is now an assistant instructor of the program.  He has also been mentored by several outstanding clowns, balloon artists, magicians, and other artists throughout his career.  He continues to share the love of his art by teaching and mentoring others.

Tim Falter

Tim Falter as
Professor Gordon Gazuntite

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